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Bird Conservancy of the Rockies’ Nebraska office offers in-class programming for students of all ages in the Nebraska Panhandle. Due to our generous funding we are able to offer these classes at no cost to participants. Our in-class programs feature interactive lessons, small group investigations, hands-on exploration, and curriculum-aligned content. These classes are available to any school or community group in the Nebraska Panhandle or eastern Wyoming.


Use this form to select one (or more!) of our in-class programs to be brought to your classroom or community group. Please complete this form at least 2 weeks before your desired date. If the desired date is within 2 weeks, please complete a form and we will do our best to accommodate your group.

Sessions run 45 minutes / 1 class period and are limited to 35 students, but multiple sessions can be scheduled for the same day.

A teacher or chaperone is required to be present during programs.

Once you have submitted this form you will receive an email confirming dates and location. Please allow 2 days for the class confirmation.

Questions? Please contact Delanie Bruce at (308) 633-1013 or
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In-Class Program Descriptions
BUZZ-inga (Recommended ages: PreK - 4th grade)
Learn about Nebraska's creepy crawlies in this hands-on insect investigation. We will discover insect life cycles, habitats, and their importance in the lives of birds and other animals. Students will challenge their preconceived notions about insects and learn about current hazards facing insect populations.

Pollination Nation (Recommended ages: PreK - 4th grade)
An apple a day is what they say, but what if the apple went away? Learn about the important role bird and insect pollinators play in the natural and human world as well as modern threats to pollination. Explore, engage, and discover pollinator and flower adaptations that make pollination possible.

Roots to Shoots (Recommended ages: 3rd and up)
Sedges have edges, rushes are round, do you know how many prairie grasses are around? Explore the native flora of Nebraska and what adaptations these plants utilize to survive in the unforgiving habitat of the prairie. Discover what plants need to grow and survive as well as the role they play in ecosystem health and resiliency.

Water Works (Recommended ages: K-12)
H2-OH? From birds to bugs, we all need it. Learn all about why water is an essential part of life. Through hands-on activities students will learn about the amazing properties of water and how we can protect this life-giving resource.

Keep it Wild (Recommended ages: 3rd and up)
Did you know that Nebraska is home to 27 plant and animal species that are federally or state-listed as threatened or endangered? In this class, students will learn how reintroduction and conservation efforts can be successful at bringing species back from the brink of extinction. We will use hands-on activities to learn about reintroduction projects that have focused on bald eagles, whooping cranes, and bighorn sheep.

Marvelous Mammals (Recommended ages: 3rd and up)
What makes a mammal a mammal? Did you know that Nebraska have one of the broadest ancient mammal histories of an US state? Handle and observe skulls and furs to learn about Nebraska's furry friends. Students will discover mammal adaptations while engaging in meaningful activities that encourage lasting learning.

So Fly! (Recommended ages: K-12)
In a class all about birds, learn about unique avian adaptations. Explore lifestyle diversity of birds by examining beaks, feet, and feathers. Understand specific challenges these winged animals face and possible solutions to protect our feathered friends.

Uncommon Ground (Recommended ages: 4th and up)
Do you know the difference between soil and dirt? In this soils and geology class, learn about Nebraska's rich geological history and how it has shaped our landscape. Through interactive activities and discussions, students will learn about Earth's history as well as the importance of soil to the people, plants, and wildlife in our region.

The Great Prairie Puzzle (Recommended ages: 3rd and up)
Experience the wonderfully complex and dynamic interactions of Nebraska's plant and animal life as well as the role that our feathered friends play in ecosystems. Learn the importance of an ecosystem's living and non-living components and current threats to ecosystem health. Explore biodiversity and discover what a wonderful web an ecosystem is.

Nebraska's Tomorrow Project (Recommended ages: K-12)
Help students realize the power of action! Students will engage in a community service project focusing on an environmental issues. Younger students (K-3rd), in addition to their project, will focus on learning the knowledge and skills needed to identify and address community issues. Older students (4th-12th) will learn the causes of these issues and the complexities in solving them while completing their own project. Teachers will discuss an appropriate timeline with BCR educators before the start of the project; at least 4 in-class visits are required.

Conservation Community Meeting (Recommended ages: 5th and up)
In this discussion-focused class, students will explore different perspectives on environmental issues. Through role play, students will use a specific scenario to engage in a civil debate, exploring the benefits and drawbacks of suggested solutions in an attempt to reach a resolution. Students will learn the financial, civic, and social limitations to addressing these issues while gaining experience in navigating emotionally-charged issues.
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