NP ROSS Business Tax Reporting Profile (Partnership/LLC/Corporate Entity Filers)
By completing this short form, you will allow us to provide you with an estimate of our fee to prepare your Partnership, LLC, or Corporate income tax return. Any such estimate will be confirmed AFTER we have been formally engaged to undertake such work by your having completed and submitted a Business Entity Tax Organizer, including an executed copy of our firm's Engagement Letter, and quoted fee payment. Note that the executed Engagement Letter will include the specific terms of our engagement with you. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Ross CPA, at 713.589.8727, x101, or by email:
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Note: The terms 'Partner' and 'Member' are used interchangeably herein.
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The Partnership Agreement, if any, provides for allocations undertaken pursuant to which of the following methodologies? *
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Please specify the type of mortgage debt of the partnership
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Please note any occurrences of the following events which occurred during the calendar year ended December 31: *
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How many assets are listed in the Company's most recent tax filing? *
Reference Form 4562 and related detail schedules.
How many fixed assets were acquired during the year ended December 31? Disposed? *
Please briefly explain the nature of any acquisitions and dispositions.
Have ALL cash accounts been reconciled to Bank Statements as of December 31? Have all other asset accounts -- accounts receivables, cash advances, fixed asset accounts -- been reconciled to the Company's subsidiary records and/or third party statements as appropriate? *
Please explain the nature of any discrepancies or other outstanding issues.
Have ALL liability accounts -- accounts payable, credit card accounts, note payables, and other payables -- been reconciled to the Company's subsidiary records and/or 3rd party statements as of December 31? *
Please explain the nature of any discrepancies or other outstanding issues.
Have the individual ending Member Capital account balances shown on the Company's prior year tax filing(s) been reconciled to the Company's books? *
Use "Other" to explain the nature of any discrepancies or outstanding issues.
If there is a compelling reason NOT to extend your Company's return at March 15 (our norm) with our filing an automatically approved extension request, please select "Other" and indicate when you need the completed tax return to be finalized. *
Our very strong preference is that ALL documents containing sensitive data regarding you/your partners' private information be transmitted via our secure SmartVault portal account. If you have documents that you wish to submit for us to consider for your quote (e.g. prior year tax returns, partnership agreements, and/or other tax data), let us know below, along with providing an email address if different from the one entered above. We will then send an invite via the SmartVault system to allow you to complete the process of setting up your  own private "vault" in our account (at no charge to you).
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