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Welcome to the Hampton Speed Skating Club. Please enter the information for registering your skater.

You will need to fill out one form per skater.
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Please register in the group you were in last season unless you received an email to change groups.
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I acknowledge that photos of my child, taken at club skating events, may be posted on the club bulletin board and website and that no personal information will be disclosed on the website without the parent/guardian prior permission. *
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HSSC is a volunteer run organization and your help is greatly appreciated. Please check the boxes below if you can help with these jobs.
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We have a speed skate rental program. You can rent boots & blades, just boots or just blades.
Speed Skate Canada Number - if known
Other notes
Please tell us if you have any other concerns or issues we should be aware of.
Cheques are payable to Hampton Speed Skating Club
Please mail cheques to:
Hampton Speed Skating Club
c/o Charles MacNeil
493 Bonney Road
Canada NB E5N 7B3
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