Island Plan Survey
1. The Island Plan aims for 9,000 new homes, the large majority of which are not for islanders. Do you support this housing target? *
2. The Island plans suggests the majority of new housing will be built on greenfield sites - with the likely loss of 700 acres of undeveloped land - do you think we need to greater protection for our countryside? *
3. Specifically, do you support the Idea of developing two completely new settlements of 2000 houses in open countryside - one near Wellow and one near Godshill? *
4. Knowing Island roads and the amount of traffic on them, do you think our infrastructure will cope with the additional homes? *
5. Is the Island’s rural nature and landscape important to you? *
6. Rather than building on farmland, do you think that the Island should prioritise building homes for Islanders on brownfield sites in towns and villages? *
7. Do you feel the Council is listening to Islander’s views when it comes to the overall levels of development or comments made on specific proposals? *
8. Do you support Bob Seely’s ideas to increase the level of protection for the Island’s landscape. *
9. Do you support Bob Seely’s ideas to prioritise house building for local people. *
10. Should the Isle of Wight become a National Park? *
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