Kern Technology Festival 2017: Presenter Submission
Superhero Tech Academy: Training Tomorrow’s Superheroes
Welcome to the 2017 Kern Tech Fest! This year the theme is Superhero Tech Academy: Training Tomorrow’s Superheroes
Training for #KernCUE2017!

The Kern Technology Festival 2017 will be held on October 21, 2017 from 8:00 am -3:30 pm. There will be three concurrent session times along with a student showcase.

Concurrent sessions are one-hour, lecture-style or BYOD presentations that address all areas of the curriculum and appeal to a variety of teachers, administrators, and IT personnel. Sessions may be given by a single speaker, team or panel who can address the needs of the novice user of educational technology as well as the more experienced professional. Please note that these are classrooms and NOT computer labs.

As a primary presenter of a session you would receive a complimentary conference registration. In an uncertain budget year, presenting is a cost effective way to ensure your participation. Please take this opportunity to lend your expertise to the conference; your presentation would enhance the quality of our event.

Projectors will be provided, but you should bring your own computer even though for some rooms it will not be necessary. Please list any other needs in special needs you require for your presentation.

Submissions are due by September 25, 2017. Presenters will be notified by September 28, 2017 of acceptance.

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Bringing a Robin to go with your Batman? Are you required to dress up like Superhero characters? No, of course not. Anyways, where would you get the costumes so close to Halloween?..
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A few things to consider: The theme is "Superhero Tech Academy: Training Tomorrow’s Superheroes ". How could you tie Superheroes into the theme of YOUR presentation? Will people come flocking to your session because your presentation title promotes kids becoming heroes? Probably. Will you become an ACTUAL Superhero if you engage attendants with DC or Marvel?? Only time will tell...
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This description will be included in the schedule and marketing for attendees. Including the superhero theme in your description is fun but optional.
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Remember you will have a projector in the presentation room and you need to provide your own laptop, connectors (from device to VGA), and power cords... and the save the day.
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