What I Like About You by Claire Hastings
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Dalton “Tripp” Sutherland fully realizes just how badly he screwed up ten years ago, resulting in the loss of the best friend he ever had – the incomparable Zara Wellington. From the outside looking in, it may appear that he’s living his best life, spending his days sailing and being the resort playboy, but deep down he’s still haunted by the unforgivable words he uttered that night in high school. If only he had a chance to prove to her that he didn’t mean what he’d said.

Life for Zara Wellington is pretty amazing. As creator and lady-boss behind the top beauty blog on the internet, she gets to travel the world trying out new spas and is even on the verge of having her journalistic dreams come true. Even though she still carries around her life-long insecurities about her weight, it’s rare that she ever thinks about that night she overheard the unimaginable come from the only person she thought ever really cared for her – her best friend Tripp.

But when Zara shows up at the Indigo Royal Resort to review the brand new Cherish Spa, the two come face to face for the first time in ten years. Can they manage to get past everything that night from all those years ago and the painful feelings that still linger, or is the damage done forever?
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