Don't Mess With Texas Activity!
As a group, use the TEXAS sized timeline to answer the questions below.
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1. In what year did Mexico win its independence from Spain? *
2. In 1828, which of the following reasons below brought about conflict between Texas and Mexico? *
3. Who became President of Mexico in 1833? *
4. Which of the following describes the "Come and Take it!" quote from 1835? *
5. In what year did Texas officially declare independence? *
6. How many of the Alamo's defenders survived the battle to fight another day? *
7. Which of the following happened at the Battle of San Jacinto? *
8. In 1836, which of the following men became the first and only President of Texas? *
9. When did Texas adopted the "Lone Star" Flag? *
10. Which of the following explains how Texas became part of the United States in 1846? *
11. After watching the Alamo video, copy and paste your facts and questions from your livebinder into the box below *
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