Questionnaire on The Objectivist View on Emotions
This is an informal survey to determine what people think the Objectivist view on emotions is. Your answers will not be used for anything other than my own internal analysis and to update my style of writing, etc. It's my preference that you answer these questions after reading through the main page at, which offers many relevant quotes from Rand about the Objectivist view on emotions.
Your name? (Optional)
What is your experience with Objectivism? Are you an Objectivist--if so, how long and what have you read? If not--what is your experience with them?
Please describe in brief what the Objectivist view on emotions is.
Does Ayn Rand say we can program our emotions: that we can determine what life events make us happy or sad?
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If you think I am in error in my description on the Objectivist view on emotions, please describe how so below, with suggested reading if you wish.
I am often referred to as a mystic or hack. This is thrown at me, as such, with little more explanation. If this is your position, please detail exactly why below. If not, maybe tell me about your experiences of being accused of "mysticism" or "too emotional" or the like.
Did my page help you in any way understand Objectivism, have new insight, or spark curiosity in a new thought paradigm? Did any one thing stop and make you think about something in a new way or intrigue you?
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