Poweful in Love Application
Hello Fierce Woman,

Welcome to the world of Embody! This application is for anyone seriously interested in exploring the group coaching program with Nadia. (This is NOT a free coaching session.) 

The Powerful in Love Incubator will be:

5 Women.
Deep & Intimate
Lush & Grit.
1:1 Coaching in a group cocoon.
Relationship. Polarity. Embodied Union. Sensual Nourishment.

4 months. July - October.
2 calls per month. 2 hrs each.

If you are ready to take this journey, please carve out 15-20 mins to complete the following Qs below - although it may not take that long.

Ready to rewire your relationship to Love?
Let's dive in:
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What is challenging for you about embracing your pleasure and sensuality? *
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How ready are you to invest time and money into transforming your life and stepping into your full potential? *
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So looking forward to connecting with you!
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