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UPDATE: February 2017: As of today 29 pen pal pairs have been matched and from the responses I've received nearly everyone has had a successful exchange of letters. I had planned to keep this site up through the inauguration and here we are weeks later and it's still up and still getting registrations. So I'm keeping it up for now. Response time may be a bit slow but I'm still here and delighted by the interest.

In the wake of this divisive election, let's get to know one another. The old fashioned way. As pen pals through the U.S. Postal Service.

Sign up below to be randomly matched with another person in America.

Who can participate? Anyone living in the United States. If you're a kid, please have your parent sign up on your behalf. Kids will be matched only with other kids. Non US citizens living in the US are very welcome.

Did I miss anything? More details at or email me: Melissa Haworth

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