Sanctuary in the Streets Rapid Response Training
Civil Liberties and Public Policy is working with Sanctuary in the Streets to hold a Rapid Response Training on Saturday, November 4th at Hampshire College. From the Pioneer Valley Workers Center website: "Sanctuary in the Streets is a network of 1,800+ people who are building the infrastructure to stop state violence against working people, including immigrants and people of color, as well as to organize a powerful working class movement. We are launching an emergency hotline to respond to workplace abuse, raids and deportations, and hate crimes." ( We welcome everyone to join us in this training as we build the movement for immigrant and worker justice.

The training will be about three and a half to four hours long, with a lunch break added in. The event starts at 10:00 AM, and the training will begin around 10:20-10:30 AM. We will plan to end by around 3:30-4:00 PM.

As a member of SiS:
--You will receive emergency emails and texts that notify you of peaceful public actions called in response to the immediate needs of immigrants and low-wage workers in difficult situations.
--We imagine that SiS will be called upon to bear public witness to active deportations, to hold quick-response public rallies against acts of discrimination and labor exploitation, and to respond to injustice in ways that we cannot yet know.
--We will need your help in publicizing our 24-hour Hotline once it is ready, through which we receive reports of deportations and labor abuses.
--We also offer regular training opportunities, to ensure that all actions taken by SiS members are unified and advance the rights of workers and immigrants.

This training will be centered around very heavy topics, and will require an exertion of mental, emotional, and some physical energy. The training will require folks to move around. We will be focusing on how to interact with the police, meaning that if you plan to attend, you should be willing and able to take this training and apply it to real potential interactions with the police in this movement. This does mean that this training may not be accessible for the most marginalized groups, but it also means that those of us with privilege and ability have a responsibility to take on this work.

Facebook event:

**We will only tell registered folks which building this training will be taking place in!! An email will be sent out to all registered participants the day prior.**
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