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The MDP Rural Caucus intends to support serious candidates for elected offices at all levels of government representing rural Michigan. As a candidate doing the hard work of running a campaign you are demonstrating your commitment to your community and democracy. Please help us get to know you by completing this form.
If you are not a member of the MDP Rural Caucus, please join here. A voiunteer from our Endorsement Team will arrange a follow-up phone conversation with you.
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Have you ever run for an elected position before, even if in school? If so, what and when? *
Describe your support system as a candidate (family/friends, kitchen cabinet, campaign volunteers and staff, etc.) *
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Do you have a social media presence? If so, what are the links? *
Is there anything in your background or history that could be used against you as a candidate (arrests, criminal record, etc.)? *
How much time per week do you you intend to work on your campaign? *
Briefly describe your constituents' main issues related to the office you're seeking and how you are addressing them? You may refer to the Rural Caucus Positions and Resolutions  Positions - Michigan Democratic Party Rural Caucus ( to identify common policy priorities, if applicable. *
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