Erin's Exiled Children Exhibit Panels Tour
Complete this form to enroll your library in the tour. Based on the responses, tour dates will be scheduled in a way that it makes it fairly easy to transport the panels from one library to the next. All libraries who participate agree to collaborate with the library ahead of them and the one that follows them to make arrangements to transfer the panels and incur all costs of transportation; libraries may agree to split costs as needed. Transportation details are entirely the responsibility of the libraries participating. The exhibit will be available for one month at each library and will continue as long as there is interest. The Montana State Library will provide support resources - suggested program topics and contact information, a sample press release and photos, a suggested bibliography for a related book display, details on setting up, packing, and caring for the panels. Visit the MSL Learning Portal for details - look under "Statewide Projects." For more information, contact Jo Flick at the Montana State Library
Erin's Exiled Children - 12 one-sided panels
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