Imagetech Word Art form
The design fee for your personalized word art includes:12 personal words/phrases & 12 universal words/phrases. For additional words or phrases (personal or universal) add $2.00 each. Scroll to the bottom of this page for prices.
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In these first 6 boxes please fill in your PERSONAL words/phrases. Then choose from the list below for your UNIVERSAL words/phrases. Remember if a phrase has several words it is considered one item.
Let's start with a family last name or individual first name you'd like the project focused on
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Names of family members, pets, and/or friends to include. Both a couple's first names are counted as one, for exmaple (George and Mary) become one phrase.
Please be specific, ie. Jill is a sister, Buddy is their dog etc...
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Important life date or dates
Anniversary, graduation, birthdates, etc...please specify what the date represents
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Important place or places
Please indicate the significance, ie.. the many places we've lived since we've been married are....
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Likes and hobbies
Cubs Fan, Boy Scouts of America, Motorcross enthusiast, Gardening etc....
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Words that uplift or encourage
Favorite scripture, hymn, quote or a family montra etc....
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Included in your word art are 12 UNIVERSAL words/phrases from the following list. Remember to add $2 for each additional phrase or word
If you do not see one you are looking for here, please write it in the box below.
Write in your OWN universal word or phrase here
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Please indicate a few colors for your colorscheme *
Turn around time and shipping information for printed products
Shipping rate on Custom Orders: sizes up to 6x6 = $1.50 flat rate. sizes 8x8 to 16x16 = $3.50 flat rate. sizes 16x20 and larger = $6.50 flat rate
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The prices listed below for all the products include the design fee, and tax. If you do not see a specific product code, it means that product is not available in that size.
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Please check below for each additional word/phrase beyond the 12 personal and 12 universal that are included. (10 additional is the maximum capacity for most sizes. For prints larger then 20x20 please consult with me prior to placing your order.) Note: I MAY need to add an additonal word or phrase for certain artwork to become complete. If that is the case with your artwork there will not be any additional fee.
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