EPICS Fall 2017 Project Submission (Student)
As a current EPICS 151 student, you now have an idea of what a real-world design problem looks like and what makes for an interesting project. Is there a project you wish you could have worked on in EPICS 151? This is your opportunity to help the next generation of EPICS 151 students and see your project idea come to life. If you have an idea for an EPICS project that meets our guidelines, we would love to see your proposal!

The contest closes on Friday, April 28th at midnight. EPICS faculty will review all submitted proposals after the contest closes and will award $100.00 to the student/team who submitted the best idea.*

The winning project will be announced in September 2017.

Note: This contest is only open to current EPICS 151 students. If you do not fit in this category but have a great project idea, please fill out the general Project Submission form at https://goo.gl/forms/6XT4lP2uPqUVv7os1.

*If multiple students submit a project idea as a team or submit the same idea, the award will be split accordingly. Although some projects may be similar to the winning project, only one specific idea will be rewarded.

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Project Guidelines
The project must meet the following criteria, found in full at http://epics.mines.edu/Call-for-Project-Proposals.
1) Open-ended with multiple possible solutions.
2) Must be able to be represented through a physical prototype and graphics.
3) Suitable for a one-semester long EPICS 151 course.
4) Reflects a compelling real-world challenge.
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