2019 Summer Reading Challenge Registration
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The summer reading theme this year is SPACE! We've got lots of books about space and the moon! But there's no reason to limit your reading to one subject... choose a reading challenge that fits you from the options here: https://www.cutlerlibrary.org/just-for-kids/summer-reading-log-for-all-ages

Once you've set your reading goal for the summer-- challenge yourself!-- let the librarian know. If you meet your self-challenge by the time school starts in the fall, you'll be eligible to come for a sleepover at the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium!* Financial assistance will be available to families who qualify but cannot afford the $25 per person fee. Any child not considered old enough to babysit will need to bring their own grown-up. Not interested in the autumn sleepover? We'll give you a $10 Bear Pond Books gift certificate, if you'd rather!

Register by August 1st.

*We'll need 12 kids to complete their challenge to organize a sleepover at the Fairbanks Museum. If we can't do the sleepover, readers will receive the $10 Bear Pond Books gift certificate.
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