Ask Me Another Nantucket Contestant Quiz
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This qualification quiz is for NANTUCKET CONTESTANTS ONLY.
Ask Me Another is taping a live episode at the Nantucket Film Festival on June 21.

If you want to be a contestant at The Bell House in Brooklyn, or at another road show, you're in the wrong place. Please submit your e-mail to to take our regular quiz.


Thanks for your interest in being a contestant on Ask Me Another.

DON'T CHEAT! This quiz is tough on purpose. Being a contestant on our show is harder than it sounds, and we need to make sure you'll do well and have fun when the pressure is on.

Be sure to set aside enough time to take the quiz -- you may need up to 30 minutes to complete it.

You don’t need to answer everything correctly to be on the show. There’s no penalty for guessing, and funny/clever guesses will help you more than leaving a question blank.

Please do not share this quiz. And again, DON'T CHEAT. We know you can find the answers online, so you’re on the honor system.

Take a deep breath, have fun and good luck!

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