Iowa State University Honors Program
Project Abstract Form

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 30, 2018

To submit an abstract, please (1) complete and submit this form, and (2) turn in a completed, signed copy of the Poster Abstract Acknowledgement form to 2130 Jischke Building.

This abstract will become part of a master compilation of Honors student projects housed in the University Honors Program Office and the Iowa State University Library’s Digital Repository.

If you have questions, please contact Laurie Smith-Law at

Use the "TAB" key to move from box to box. Use "ENTER" or the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the form to send in your project abstract.

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Describe your project in abstract form (200 words maximum). Consult one of the major journals in your field, or talk with your project advisor for more information on writing an abstract. Abstracts from past projects are in binders in the resource room for your reference.

The abstract should begin with a definitive statement of the problem or project. Its purpose, scope and limit should be clearly delineated. Then, as concisely as possible, describe research methods and design, major findings, including the significance of the work, if appropriate, and conclusions.

Students whose project involves "creative" work (original, fine art, music, writing, theater or film production, dance, etc.) should describe process and production, indicating the forms of documentation on file as "project" materials.

Please have your advisor review your abstract for organization, content, grammar, and spelling before submission.

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