Hurricane Harvey Survivor Assistance Form
Please "fully" complete this form to give the Port Arthur Long Term Recovery Team, non-profits and other disaster relief agencies, vital information about your needs in order to receive available short and long-term assistance. The Port Arthur Long Term Recovery Team will serve individuals and families that have a residence in the City of Port Arthur, Groves, Port Neches and Nederland area. For questions, please call 409.300.3707 (Monday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM).

If you do not have a FEMA#, please visit to obtain your FEMA#. You may also apply by phone at 800-621-3362 (voice, 711 or VRS) or 800-462-7585 (TTY). Thank you!
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Local Support System (LSS)
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LSS: Home Church / Affiliation (level of involvement) *
LSS: Church *
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Household Members
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Household Members (Please list everyone in your household)
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*** Need more household members? ***
If you need more places to enter more than 4 people into the household, keep filling out the rest of the form and then click next to go to the next page to enter more household members.
Pet Information
Pets? *
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Is there MORE THAN one family living in the home? *
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Is the affected address your primary residence? *
Do you rent or own your home/apartment/rv? *
Have you applied for FEMA assistance? *
Type of Dwelling *
What kind of building is it?
My house has working: *
Has FEMA assessed your home? *
Please tell us how high the water was in your home (water level mark)? (best estimation) *
Type of Insurance *
Have you submitted a claim to your insurance company? *
Did you have FLOOD Insurance on your home? *
Did you have Insurance on your Home Contents? *
Has Insurance Company assessed your home? *
Was your automobile(s) affected? *
How many vehicles were destroyed due to the disaster? *
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Did you have Auto Insurance? *
Vehicle Insurance: Liability ONLY *
The number of vehicles with ONLY liability coverage (the type of insurance)
Vehicle Insurance: Full Coverage *
The number of vehicles with FULL Insurance coverage (the type of insurance)
Do you have any working transportation? *
Do you have a way to get around/get to work?
Transportation Comments
Example: we are borrowing our friends car
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Immediate Needs
Please list all of your IMMEDIATE NEEDS
Immediate: Do you have shelter/a home to live in? *
Immediate: Do you need food? *
Immediate: Do you need clothing? *
Immediate: Do you need medical help? *
Immediate: Do you need emergency financial assistance? *
Do you need food delivered to you? *
Has your home been mucked-out (sheet rock/carpet/wet belongings have been removed)? *
Has your home been sprayed for mold? *
Do you need assistance with debris removal? *
Has your neighborhood been provided with dumpster assistance? *
Would you like someone to help you muck out your house (remove all wet sheetrock, carpet, belongings, etc..)? *
Do you want someone to spray your house for mold? *
Where is the debris (check all that apply)? *
Current Accommodations *
Where are you currently staying? (enter N/A if it does not apply)
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How long can you stay at this site? *
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Please give us the full address (including zip) *
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Important Facts
Please share your story with us
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Special Needs
Do you have any special needs we need to be aware of?
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Information Release Statement *
Austin Disaster Relief Network has my permission to share and exchange my information to the Long-Term Recovery Team, local and national non-profits and relief agencies assisting in Hurricane Harvey disaster response efforts. I confirm that 100% of everything I have stated on this application is TRUE. I understand that if I do not tell the truth, potential future assistance will be withheld from me and my family. When stating YES, I am giving a digital agreement to the above info.
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