Liverpool Binary Festival Gathering
Thanks for your interest in Binary Festival 2018. So we can gather together the brightest and the best Gatherings for our Binary Festival attendees we are outlining information here about the Gatherings and ask you let us know the answers to a few questions.

This info will then be passed to the Binary Festival Organising team – which includes some of our sponsors, the team will consider your proposal and they will decide if you can be included in the Binary Festival Programme. We will ensure, if you are successful, the team will work with you to develop your ideas and support you where necessary, with basic catering for the event, assistance with venue if required and promoting your event to the Binary audience.

We are always overwhelmed when companies and organisations take time to contribute and support our events. Examples of previous sessions we have run like this include:
 How will VR change the way we digest performance?
 Meet the Makers at FabLab
 Get Your Head around Code
 eHealth – Where Tech Meets Health & Wellbeing
 IoT vs VR
 A Glimpse into the world of Experience Design

Previous experience has shown attendees to be anywhere from 6-160 however, we recommend about 20 is a good number for a gathering.
Please check the criteria list below:

 Located in Liverpool City Region
 Great offering in digital, tech, creative industry
 Target outcome for attendees to have learnt a new skill / developed an existing skill
 Ability to host / run workshop
 2-3hours long
 Can accommodate minimum 10 people

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About the Gathering
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Practical Questions
It is preferable if you are able to run your gathering in your own space, it gives delegates a great opportunity to visit your space. However if you don't have a space, please let us know as we have access to a few venues and spaces across the city that we may be able to accommodate your gathering in.
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Please provide any other information you think may be useful to us, thank you.
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