ROSA Sweet Romance Anthology Submission Form
This is the application form for the 2020 ROSA Sweet Romance anthology.
To be a part of this anthology you need to be a ROSA member.
We will consider both unpublished and published authors for this anthology.
This is a PAID anthology and therefore will have a R500 buy in.
Stories for this anthology will need to be sweet contemporary romance short stories between 10 and 15k words.
The anthology will be themed around ten song titles, these will be the story titles and 'playlist'.
Your story will need to be edited by a professional ROSA approved editor before submission.

Full Name and Pen name *
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Do you understand that you will need to pay the R500 buy in to be included in this anthology? *
Have you written sweet contemporary romance content before? *
You understand that your edited manuscript is to be submitted no later than April 1st and that the anthology will release during August 2020 *
You commit to being actively involved in the promoting and advertising of this anthology. *
You accept that not all submissions will be included in the anthology and that this form is NOT a guaranteed place in the anthology. *
You are willing to sign an author contract for this project that will outline commitments, dates, costs, approved editors, and royalty payment details. *
Your ROSA membership number. If you are not a member please sign up before completing this application *
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Your Song Choice. These are all titles of songs that appear on the top 50 love songs of all times list. *
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