Application for CPC WGSS Digital Archive Submissions
Have you written an essay, a piece of creative writing, or created an art project that explores gender and sexuality themes? The Central Pennsylvania Consortium is thrilled to announce the launch of its new digital archive: an online platform featuring student work on gender and sexuality from across disciplines and departments at the CPC member colleges. We are accepting applications for submissions of the following:

--An informative blog post, video blog (vlog) presentation, or podcast that communicates the key points of your academic paper for a public audience.
--A photo essay that could be inspired by a previously written academic research paper or developed as a stand-alone project.
--Creative writing projects that clearly center around WGSS themes.
--Work in the creative arts, including art, film, theater, dance, and music, that can be effectively shared through digital media and that clearly centers around WGSS themes.

By privileging the above mediums, we aim to decenter the dominance of written work and make scholarly conversations more accessible. While student submissions must be intellectually rigorous and creative, they do not necessarily have to reproduce the dominant modes of academic writing and discourse. WGSS themes are integral to a number of different academic departments and they are woven throughout numerous courses. It is our hope that the digital archive will serve as a centralized location to bring these conversations together.

To apply to have your project included in the archive, students from Gettysburg and Dickinson Colleges are invited to complete the following form. Deadline is March 19.
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In a few sentences, please describe the idea, critical questions and/or discourse with which your project engages. What drives your project? How does it intersect with the field of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies? (If you feel uncertain how to answer this question, you may want to contact your professor or supervisor for help.) *
What is the medium of your project? (i.e. essay, blogpost, vlog, podcast, creative writing, painting/drawing, mixed-media, photography, film, music/audio file etc.) *
If your project is hosted on a website viewable by the public, please provide the URL. If it is accepted for the archive, we will ask you to submit the original. If your project is not hosted on a website, please send it as an email attachment to with your name and "Submission Attachment" in the subject line. *
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