Mindset Mentorship Waiting List Application
Congratulations on making the powerful decision to say "YES" to empowering yourself and shifting your future already with this first step!

This work is unique to you - your past, present and future - and that means we have to be clear on what you're stuck on and what you desire for our time together.

In addition, you're committing to show up fully and so does Mindy. This is a powerful scientifically proven process in combination of spiritual guidance that unfolds divinely for you. Because this work can be highly emotional and energetic, so it must be a YES for us both before making the exchange.

Please share truthfully (this form held in complete confidence) what you'd like Mindy's mentorship for exactly. Your responses will be reviewed within 24 hours Monday - Friday and you'll get an email response from mindy@mindytouzani.com for your next steps. In the event we aren't a fit for now, you'll get several best referral options.
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What is the NEW empowering positive thoughts and belief you'd like to have instead in order to resolve this problem? (List ALL that apply.) *
What is the #1 MEASURABLE way(s) you'll know this belief(s) or goal(s) has been achieved? *
Let's get really honest and real, in what ways are you currently BENEFITING from this problem / pattern? *
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