Internship with Saratoga Councilmember Rishi Kumar
Councilmember Rishi Kumar is seeking motivated College, High School and Middle school students for his city council Internship Program. The campaign committee you will intern with is "Kumar for Council 2018" FPPC ID #1364692
We recommend every parent and intern to checkout the internship overview deck

The interns role would be involved with any of the efforts as described at
This internship is an excellent volunteer opportunity that will allow students to gain experience working with a City Councilmember, performing research and analysis on a wide-range of topics as it relates to the city council, community, politics and beyond; observing the efforts of local/regional government. In summary, interns will make important contributions through this challenging and rewarding program. Learn more and apply

WHO CAN APPLY: Any middle school, high school or college going student in the United States.
OBJECTIVE of the internship: Support city council tasks with policy research, policy proposals, position papers and outbound communication, along with other community and political activities.

Adults in your family should review and ensure you agree with the terms and conditions here
Participation in the internship program implies explicit agreement

WHY INTERN: This will be an excellent opportunity to get involved locally in our community, understand some of the issues and challenges, leverage some leadership opportunities and enhance your learning and contribution. In the internship role you will be volunteering directly with Councilmember Kumar, and working towards the fulfillment of Councilmember's city council duties and the roles outlined above. This will provide you an excellent awareness and inner working of city government.

FORMAT OF INTERNSHIP: This is a year long program and interns are free to participate as best as they can. Interns pick and choose from the various assignments that works best with their core interests and work load. Interns can work from the comforts of their homes.
We only meet once or twice a year, to primarily integrate and introduce new interns into the program. Tasks and projects are handed out via email and group text messages. We have a Facebook group setup and also Google Plus. But we recommend all our interns to download the REMIND app and requests from Councilmember Kumar arrives as a text message on their cell phone

WHAT ARE TYPICAL INTERNSHIP TASKs: Here are a few high level items, on which our internship team has already been working on since January.
- Develop position statements on items on the city council agenda
- Research policy/ordinance related issues for our city and state e.g.. Drought, Short term vacation rental.
- Research Innovation: Proactive research - what are other cities innovating with? How can that be applied to Saratoga
- Communicate: Help roll out Councilmember Kumar’s monthly newsletter
- Communicate: Help with Councilmember Kumar’s community outreach
- Community events such as Silicon Valley Youth Tech Day, Unity in Community Day etc
- Join field trips: Sacramento Capitol tour, get down to the State Assembly floor, Get down to the floor of the Senate, Shadow an Assemblymember, Senator
- Be part of political campaigns

VOLUNTEER HOURS: Every intern will get voluntary hours signed by Councilmember Kumar. You can submit your volunteer hours here and follow that up with an email or text message NOTE: Make sure you include a link into your work when you submit.
Please DO NOT let your volunteer hours pile up - it will be hard for you and I to track them. Submit your volunteer hours every semester.

INTERN COMMITMENT: We have a team of 10+ interns at any given time. Many will continue until they graduate from high school. You may schedule your vacations, classes and other summer interests - we will plan our internship around your schedule. The more motivated the intern is, the more the likelihood of this internship becoming a leadership and learning opportunity. Interns that demonstrate leadership, motivation and who really get involved with volunteering for internship tasks, are typically provided other opportunities such as interning with Senators, Assemblymembers.

NUMBER OF HOURS/WEEK: The number of hours is project-dependent (flexible time and easy to manage) and number of interns that are interested and collaborating at that time. You will all work out of the comforts of your home, and will be in touch with Councilmember Kumar via email and phone. The load will not be too intense - is definitely NOT a 40 hours/week, rigorous commitment.

Here is a form you should plan to use for these requests
Follow-up please with a text or email indicating that you have submitted

#1Download the app REMIND on your smart phone (group text messaging app)
#2 A Google Community has been created and our group of interns invited
#3 A Facebook group
This group is meant for our interns ONLY so that they can candidly share ideas and collaborate.
Please join the community AFTER you have submitted your information below

Parents should submit your information here and you are done.
We recommend parents reviewing the form, and also reviewing the terms and conditions before submitting.
You will need to email all the pages (last page signed) to rkumar<at>
Here are the steps
1. Review the terms and conditions here
2 If you agree, please print the form
3 Sign the last page
4. Scan all 5 pages, rename the doc as <FirstName><LastName>Internship.pdf
5 Email rkumar<at> and attach the scanned doc

Saratoga Youth Commission is described here
Our internship program is focused around research, policy papers and recommendations for overall governance of the city of Saratoga, as it pertains to city council agenda

Shaunak Vaidya, a rising Junior at Saratoga High School is our Youth-Intern Chief of Staff, and will be available to answer any questions from the interns and help with structuring and managing the internship process. You can reach Shaunak at

Register with our city through our city volunteer program. Find the volunteer Interest form on this page. Print and fill it up with your information
In the section WHAT TYPES OF THINGS YOU ARE GOOD AT? Please fill in what your core interests are. Our city staff will provide volunteer opportunities as they come up.

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