KP Grad Write-Up 2018

ATTENTION: Grad 2018

The time has come for all grade 12’s to submit their grad write-up for this year’s yearbook.

Your write-up must be no longer than 550 characters and spaces between words and punctuation are included in that count. Your write up can be serious, or humorous as long it is appropriate for school. Keep it clean and positive!

Some things to remember: no initials (for example- TM, LL, Lol) 550 character max.
Please remember that myself, along with administration reserves the right to edit write-ups for grammar, and school appropriateness (nothing offensive/hurtful to anyone, no bad language).

Some ideas to include in your write up might be:
• Thanking friends
• Thanking family
• Favorite memories at KP
• Meaningful/funny quotes
• Poems
• Future plans

If you need help with your write up please come and see Juhaina, Carmen, Jennelle, Phoebe or Ms. Muti and we will be happy to help you.

Baby Photos - Please put your baby photo in an envelope with your first and last name as well as your phone number and give it to Ms.Muti in A117.

Due date: Monday, November 27th, 2017


All my life I had haters and doubters. They said I could never make it. They mocked and teased me, but I ignored it all and kept pushing. I’ve spent long hours at night training for this. They said that I would never reach my full potential and that I was “below average”. But now, I’ve fulfilled my life long dream. I’ve proved them all wrong. I’ve exceeded all expectations. I can finally reach for the cup at the top shelf. When I sit, the soles of my feet can feel the firm foundation of the floor. I finally made it mom; I am finally 5’5”.

Simply unforgettable. All of my moments here at Kwantlen Park have turned into wonderful memories as I now say goodbye to high school. Thank you to everyone who expressed their love and support for me along the way as I completed this amazing part of my life. To my fellow graduating class of 2017, I wish you nothing but the best.

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