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Use this form to enroll your child(ren) in Ivy After School. You may enter up to two children with this form. Visit this link for more information regarding this program: https://www.theivyschool.org/ivy-community/
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HOURS: Ivy After School begins when the school day ends and closes promptly at 6pm. The school day ends at 3:00pm Monday – Thursday and at 12:45 each Friday.
PLEASE NOTE: Friday, September 6th is NOT an early release day and the school day ends at 3:00pm.
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You may select everyday of the week OR just specific days. Fees are spread evenly over the 10 month school year.
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This option is for 5 days per week (Monday thru Thursday 3pm to 6pm and Friday 12:45pm to 6pm)
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Select Days Monday thru Friday
This option is for any combo of days.(Monday thru Thursday 3pm to 6pm and Friday 12:45pm to 6pm. The monthly rate for each day selected is included below.
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To calculate your monthly rate add up the days. For example if you select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the monthly cost would be $314 (81+81+152). If you only need Thursday, the monthly rate would be $81. For only Friday, the rate would be $152. etc
AGREEMENT AREA: PLEASE initial all areas as affirmation of your understanding and agreement to the following:
IVY AFTER SCHOOL FEES. I accept the terms presented in the fee schedule for this service. I understand fees are divided evenly across the 10 month school year. *
Initial here ONLY if you are using the Free and Reduced Lunch discount for this contract. Families who qualify for FRL get a 25% discount. This discount must be indicated at the time of enrollment. *
Initial here if you are using your 10% discount for enrolling a second sibling. *
PAYMENT. Ivy uses ACH for our billing system and requires I fill out the Electronic Payment Request form. Payments are billed monthly. *
LATE PICK-UP FEES. Late pickup from Ivy After School will incur a $25 charge EVERY TEN MINUTES. If you are 10 minutes late the charge is $25. If you are 11-21 minutes late, the charge is $50. If you are 22-32 minutes late, the charge is $75. There is ONE FREE PASS. Chronic late pick-ups (3 times or more) may result in being dropped from Ivy After School for the remainder of the term. *
LATE PAYMENT FEES. If fees are not paid in full by the 5th of the month, a $25.00 late charge will be assessed. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, tuition will be due on the first school day after the 5th to avoid a late payment charge. If full payment is not received by the 15th of the month, for this contract, my child will be dropped from The Ivy After School program until fees are paid in full. Accounts in arrears will be turned over to a collection agency. Non-sufficient funds will be charged a $25.00 fee. *
CHANGES or Discontinue of Ivy After School Care. If for any reason, my child's schedule needs to be changed or I need to withdraw from Ivy After School, I will give 10 days notice. Monthly fees are non-refundable after the second week of the month except in serious circumstances approved by the Executive Director. *
ABSENCES. There is no credit for absences during the school year for prepaid services. If my child is absent from school (for any reason) or is sent home from school, he/she may not attend After School. *
BEHAVIOR. All students must exercise the appropriate level of maturity and self-discipline for their age and extend the effort necessary to protect their individual safety and benefit from the experience. Each participant is urged to be continually on guard for the safety of others in the group and circumstances which impair that safety. If your child is exhibiting repeated, unresolved behaviors that put themselves or other children in danger you may be asked to find alternate care. *
CLOSURES. The Ivy After School program will be closed on weekends, school holidays, teacher planning days, and inclement weather closure days. School holidays usually observed include (but not limited to): Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Winter Break, President's Day, Spring Break, and Memorial Day. Teacher planning days vary throughout the year. Please check the school calendar for specific school closures. *
I understand that Ivy After School will be available to my child only as long as I fulfill each of the above requirements. *
I understand and agree that the fee schedule is subject to change at Ivy School's discretion, and before any change of rates, I will receive at least 6 weeks’ notice. *
Additionally, in the event that The Ivy School must institute legal proceedings or other collection proceedings to enforce monies owed, reasonable attorney fees paid in connection with the collection of monies due on my account will be paid by the parent/guardian to The Ivy School. *
I understand that I will be responsible for any reimbursements necessary for damages to property caused by my child. All persons financially responsible for fee payments must sign this contract. *
I agree with all policies stated above and agree to abide by them. *
Please input the full names of all responsible parties. Contracts must be complete before we can accept your child into our program. Contracts must be initialed by all financially responsible parties. It is the responsibility of the parties to divide cost/ payments between split households.
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