After School Team Usage
Please complete this form if you would like to schedule your team for Fitness Center Use AFTER school.
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What sport are you signing up for after school use? (Example: GSoc, GXCC, FB, GRugby) *
Coach or Contact person for this team (First & Last Name): *
What is the best way to reach this coach or contact person? (Please provide email or phone number.) *
What is a possible max number of people who will be attending with your team? (Please include any coaches.) Note: all students MUST be certified. Teams may need to be broken into smaller groups. *
Will you provide a list of your athletes by first and last name and student ID number via a google sheet? *
When do you think you would like to attend? (Choose one.) *
What time would you like to attend? Due to room occupancy (50), I will attempt to schedule groups in 50-minute increments. Please note I will also be scheduling fitness club students and will need to spread out usage; therefore, larger teams may need to create a rotation to help to make it work. *
Will you complete the self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to any workouts? The self-screenings will consist of an electronic questionnaire that includes a temperature check. They will be required for usage of the facility. *
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