Step Up to SIT: Rochester, MN
The recent spread of COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented concern regarding impending crisis in a potentially overwhelmed healthcare system. Now that schools are closed, many families will be left without childcare options for their young children and, as a result, will need to stay home from work or potentially have their children congregate in large groups with supervision as daycare. Parents staying home will leave Rochester with a significant shortage of workers (many of whom work in healthcare), and children congregating will increase transmission of the virus. Matching individual high schoolers to babysit one single family limits transmission and allows our essential workers to continue to do their jobs.

Finding last minute childcare can also put a significant financial strain on parents. As high schoolers and individuals who are unlikely to be affected by COVID-19, we can do our part to alleviate that pressure by volunteering our time to help healthcare and other essential workers continue their efforts to protect our most vulnerable community members. Of course, if you need to be paid, that’s an option too, our goal is to maximize participation in this program so as many parents have access to individual childcare as possible. Payment will be arranged independent of this site between families and babysitters.

The goal of this initiative is to maximize babysitting options for all families in need! If you have any questions at all, dm us on Twitter (@StepUptoSIT) or Instagram (@stepuptosit) or find us on Facebook by searching ' 'Step Up to SIT'.

Disclaimer: Step Up to SIT does not perform background checks on potential sitters, provides no guarantees, and is not liable for any damages that result from use of our services. Once sitters and families have been matched, it’s up to parents to request and call references and determine payment in the case that the sitter is not a volunteer. Any decisions you make involving Step Up to SIT including but not limited to, using our matching service, meeting up with a potential family, or leaving your children in the care of a potential sitter are made strictly at your own risk.
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