Woodbury Speech Audition Application
What is the Woodbury High School Speech Team?
The first thing you should know about our team is that it is just that: a team. Unlike clubs, we ask for regular commitments from you, both during the week for practice and on most Saturdays for tournaments. And above all, we ask for each member to act like a great teammate. If having fun and being part of a team culture sounds like it suits you, then we encourage you to audition.

Will COVID Impact Speech?
Speech will happen even if COVID poses challenges to meet in person. All speech practices, tournaments, and events can be run virtually. While we don't know what this season will fully look like, we plan to have a full season. We will start virtually, and will continue this way until we have permission to meet in person. Accommodations will be made throughout the season. Safety and health are top priority.

Please complete this application completely before submitting. Please also be sure to include your audition youtube link on this application.
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Why are you interested in Speech? *
In your life, what are five issues/things/topics you are passionate about? What are five things you find interesting? *
Please mark your top three reasons why you want to be on the WHS speech team. *
Check all the boxes that apply to you! *
What activities are you involved in (between Nov 30th-April 18th) that could conflict with speech? Besides school and family obligations, how much of a priority would speech be to you? *
Would you attend the majority of mandatory team meetings on Mondays 7-9PM? *
During the week, you will sign up to work with your coach for roughly 30 minutes-1 hours per week. You will also sign up to work with your peers. When are you free to coach during week nights? Please describe your schedule during a "typical" week Mondays-Fridays between 3-9PM. Please list each day and describe your availability for each. *
Please look at the schedule for the season attached to the audition packet. Please list any events you would not be able to attend. Please explain why. *
Please post your audition youtube link below. Please make sure it is posted as unlisted and not private. *
We (student and parent/guardian) have read over the team schedule and understand the necessary commitment it would take to be on the Woodbury High School Speech team. We understand that this is a TEAM and not a club. We will also be at the team/parent meeting if the student makes the team. Students must have the required signatures to be considered for the team. Please virtually sign and date below (both student and guardian). *
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