Summer Holiday (2021) Workshops
Hello mums & dads,

We are hosting the following maths exploring workshops over the summer holidays - a great chance to continue practising our maths thinking and investigation skills during the break! If you would like to join us, please read the following, and pop your details in this form.

Each workshop will span 5 days, 1hour/ day. The cost for each block of 5 days is £60. Over the 5 days we will explore the given 'core' topic through different types of mathematical investigations, puzzles and games. All times are UK local times. All explorations are delivered through Zoom and with the digital whiteboard Bitpaper. New students can trial the first day for free, we will only request the payment of £60 once/ if they decide they'd like to continue for the remaining 4 days.

1. Monday 2nd August - Friday 6th August; Greater Depth: Exploring with Tangram, 10am-11am every day, Year5+ (ages approx. 9yrs-14yrs) & GT

2. Monday 9th August - Friday 13th August; Greater Depth: Exploring with Polyominoes, 10.30am-11.30am, Yr3-4 (ages approx. 7yrs-9yrs) & 11.45am-12.45pm, Yr5-9 (ages approx. 9yrs-14yrs) & GT

If you or your children have any questions, please just get in touch with us!

Thank you!
Rita (07856 611 827)

***A note about your Data Privacy. The information you share with us during your time with Maths Explorers is treated with the utmost care and respect, and in accordance with our Data Protection
We do not share your data with anyone externally, and internally on a need to know basis only.

During your time with us, we will email you regular organisational information related to the service/s you have signed up for. If you think you are receiving emails that are not relevant to you, please just let us know!
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