petermj one shot requests!
help me decide which one shots to write for my spicy one shot collection! you can only vote once, but you can go back in and edit your responses at any time!
vote for your top 3-5! max 5!!! *
pick two (max 4) to combine?
if you selected more than two and would like to clarify, here's your chance :)
do you have any specific requests?
these next couple questions are just to get some general info and you can definitely skip them if you wanna (but if you have the time pls don't! they're yes or no)
do you follow me?
have you read any of my fics?
which fic do you think of when you think of me?
please note!
if you picked more than the max amount on the first two questions, i'll log your first votes and discard anything past that. if your fave is further down on the list, it won't be counted. please take this opportunity to go back and make sure you've only picked 5 for the first question and 4 for the second one!
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