Basic Procedures
May change without notice due to fluctuations with Government / CDC guidelines
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Initial Drop-Off / Pick-Up
Once we receive your completed form, we will reach out to you via email to coordinate a drop-off/pick-up time for your bike/bikes. If you have not heard back from us three business days after filling out the form, please check your spam folder before reaching out to us.
For drop-off bikes, once we have a scheduled a drop-off time, we ask that you email before leaving just so we are ready. Please pull up to the front door and line your bikes up out front. If we have yet to acknowledge your arrival, please ring the doorbell. Once you return to your car, we will promptly grab all bikes and sanitize them before any service is done.
For free home pick-up, once we have scheduled a pick-up time, we will contact you prior to leaving with an estimated time of arrival. Please put your bikes out front in a visible area 5 minutes prior to our estimated time of arrival.
Would you like us to pick up your bike/bikes for service? *
Service Assessment
Upon arrival of your bike / bikes, we will look them over and assess what service is needed. In an effort to cut down on phone / email tag and increase our completion rate, we are asking if it's OK to address basic wear items on your bike like the tires, chain, brake pads, or sections of cables / housing without direct confirmation.
Is it OK for us to service basic bike wear items like tires, the chain, brake pads, or sections of cables / housing on your bike without direct confirmation? *
If yes, at what price range would you like us to contact you before we continue your service?
Time Frame for Completion
Due to the outbreak, we are currently running on a skeleton crew in an effort to keep everyone safe AND to try and serve the community in a very limited capacity. Very few people NEED to ride their bike right now, but we are trying to give people a small escape from the constant dreary news. This means we may not be our usual speedy selves. Below is a rough estimate for service turnaround. We appreciate your patience.

A La Carte: ~3-5 business days
Basic Tune Up: ~5-7 business days
Full Tune Up: ~7-9 business days
Full Tune Up +: ~12-14 business days
Ultimate Tune Up: ~18-21 business days

*Special Order parts may add up to a week and a half to service upon arrival of the bike
All payments will be done online via PayPal to avoid as much contact as possible. You do not need a PayPal account for this payment method. You will receive a PayPal invoice via email once all services have been completed. After payment is complete, then we can move on to scheduling a pick-up or delivery time. Bikes cannot be picked up until payment is received!
Completed Service Delivery / Pick-Up
During payment, we will also coordinate a pick-up / free delivery time that will work for both parties. Trikes and tandems do not qualify for our delivery service after completion.
For pick-up bikes, once we have a scheduled pick-up time, we ask that you email before leaving just to give us a heads up. We will have your bike inside and sanitized before you pull up. When you pull up, if we don't immediately come out, just ring the doorbell. We will then place your bike/bikes outside to be picked up. Please stay in your car until we are back inside! Once we are back inside, load up and enjoy!
Would you like your bike/bikes to be delivered after service? *
I have read the current procedures and will do my best to keep myself and Hall Bicycle employees as safe as possible. *
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