Aggression within the Vereniging van Eigenaars Study
In 2017 we have conducted the first study related to aggression within the VvE due to a court ruling we had published. This year we have decided to change the scope of the Study and make it a study amongst the readers of our entire platform. This year again we are looking at "nuisance" or “violence” related to a Vereniging van Eigenaars and compare it with previous results as well as different countries.

We are very curious about the frequency of the nuisance in the Netherlands and ask for your assistance. The enquiry is available in both English and Dutch. If you want to participate in Dutch please go to
What is your role within the VvE?
In your role within the VvE have you ever experienced violence related to the VvE?
What kind of violence was experienced?
Who was the source of the violence?
If you have experienced violence can you please inform us about the frequency?
What is your course of action if this happens to you?
What tips or information on this subject would you like to share?
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Thank you for answering the above seven questions. We will use your answers in an article related to this topic. If it is the case that we would like to get in touch with you, I hope you will leave your details here. It goes without saying that we will not use your details in our article without your permission.
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