Tech2Peace Application Form 2021
Tech2Peace Application Form 2021

Thank you for your interest in Tech2Peace!

*About Tech2Peace*

Tech2Peace (T2P) is a non-profit organization that is building and training a community of diverse young Palestinian and Israeli leaders who establish social and professional collaborations involving technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

We provide 12-day intensive seminars, featuring training in high-tech and entrepreneurship, conflict resolution sessions, and lectures from Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs and high-tech industry professionals. We partner with companies and universities including Google for Startups, Microsoft, and MIT.

Our thriving community of seminar alumni is composed of young professionals with diverse views and backgrounds, united by their desire to grow their skills, make a change, find meaningful employment, and stay connected as a community for years to come.

*Summer Seminars*

This summer we will hold three seminars:

1. 18-29th of May
2. 1-13th of August
3. 22nd of August - 9th of September

*The location of each seminar will be communicated shortly before. We plan to hold the seminars in-person according to Covid guidelines determined by the Health Ministry.

Each participant pays a symbolic fee: for Israeli citizens/East Jerusalemites, the fee is 380 NIS, and for West Bankers it is 180 NIS.

This payment includes full housing, three meals a day, classes, equipment, and all special activities throughout the seminar. (Halal, Kosher, and Vegan food options are available by request.)

Permits will be arranged for Palestinians to enter Israel for the seminar.

During the 12-day seminar, you will:

- Live and learn with 30 other young professionals from Israel and Palestine.
- Study a high-tech skill of your choice (Python, 3D Design, Video Editing, Web Development, App Development, AI for programmers). The staff consists of both Palestinians and Israelis. We will have tech trainers and lecturers from MIT University, Microsoft, Tech2Peace Alumni, and other organizations.
- Discuss issues related to the conflict in a safe and supportive environment.
Learn how to build and pitch a startup, with Google for Startup.
- Receive lectures and guidance from successful Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs and high-tech professionals
- Develop non-tech related skills such as public speaking, project management, and intercultural communication
- Create collaborative projects with diverse partners in the community

A typical day of the seminar look something like this:
8:30 - Breakfast
9:00 - Workshop (Hi-tech/Dialogue)
12:00 - Lunch
13:00 - Workshop (Hi-tech/Dialogue)
17:00 - Guest lecture
19:00 - Dinner
20:30 - Social activities

*Alumni Program*

Following the seminar, you will be a part of Tech2Peace alumni community, with opportunities to continue developing high-tech skills and engaging in dialogue. You will have access to exclusive opportunities for professional development programs, access to internships, mentorships, and other professional opportunities.

Examples of recent alumni program activities include:
- Lecture series with Microsoft on AI
- Mentorship program with McKinsey & Co Consultants, a world-famous consultancy firm
- Dialogue session with US government official
- Training in dialogue facilitation

*Who should apply?*

- Israeli or Palestinian, age 20-30.
- Interested in building professional skills, learning about the ‘other side', and joining a growing community.
- Intermediate/advanced English is required.
- No prior experience in high-tech needed - participants from all fields and interests are welcome.
- No prior experience in dialogue sessions needed - participants from all backgrounds and with all views are welcome.

*Some frequently asked questions*

* Is previous knowledge of high-tech required?
No, no previous knowledge is required.

*In which language are the seminars conducted?
In English - so at least a basic level of English is required.

*Where do we sleep during the seminars?
Tech2Peace arranges accommodation in simple local dorms. Housing is divided into women-only, men-only, and mixed dorms.

*Do we get meals?
Yes, 3 meals a day and snacks along the seminar, and you can opt for Kosher, Halal, vegetarian or vegan.

*What kind of people are we looking for?
People with high motivation, who are positive, open, respectful and have a desire to be part of a community for the long-run, beyond the seminar itself.

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