General Inspection Fundamentals Survey
This form will gather responses to how you feel about various welding inspection related questions and topics. The actual answer is not a selection. Please read the question and select how you feel about the question as quickly as possible. This is just a way to see if there are specific topics we should concentrate on.

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An example of a ferromagnetic material is ????
E71T0 is an example of AWS Cl??? for the ??AW welding process
The ???? process uses a Tungsten Electrode shielded by gas but does not create plasma.
Which NDE method would be best suited to identify the location of a subsurface discontinuity in a weld including the depth and length. MT, PT, RT, or UT
The Material Safety Data Sheet has now been replaced by the
A CWI is the only person qualified to write a WPS per AWS D1.1
The arrow side of a welding symbol is dependent upon the arrow pointing up or pointing down.
The types of joints listed by AWS are
The image below shows what welding process?
Captionless Image
A "hold point" is the temperature that the weld must be maintained at during welding.
Welding inspection is always performed after welding is complete.
True or false, AWS D1.1 Does NOT allow the use of prequalified WPS's
The parts of a fillet weld are ?????
The term used for heat input related to welding is
Cold Roll is a non standard term for ????
For carbon and low alloy steels, the ?????? typically increases as the ??????? strength increases.
The image below shows what welding process?
Captionless Image
An AWS Specification and AWS Classification are both related to ???
ANSI Z49.1 is the standard for ????
The NDE Process that relies on capillary action is ?
The Ultrasonic Test method cannot be used to locate and evaluate sub surface discontinuities.
You must be able to weld to be a CWI
The process in which metal is fully softened by heat treating is called ????????
The ability of a material to resist being pulled apart is considered ?????? strength
AWS D1.1 visual inspection requirements are in Clause ????
If you make a mistake on an inspection report and want to correct it, the preferred method is ????
Aluminum has a higher ????? than steel which often requires higher energy to establish a puddle.
The NDE Process that relies on capillary action is ?
An IQI is something used when performing what NDE method?
PWHT is an acronym for ?
You must have a HS Diploma to become a CWI
The time liquid penetrant stays on the surface of the material before removal is called the ?????? time.
ASME Sec. IX is for ????
A CWI must be used for all welder testing in accordance with AWS Codes and Specification.
Welding Terms and Definitions are covered in standard AWS ????
API 1104 is the code for ???
A Constant Current power supply is used for what processes?
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