Your PRE-BOARDING Passport to Bikini BootyCamp:
Welcome to our BIKINI BOOTYCAMP! This group is designed to support you through 28 days of simple lifestyle changes so you can eat better, start losing weight, and create the healthy habits you need for lifelong health and fitness. We’ll be starting our group on Monday, March 2nd, but we’ll spend the next two days getting everyone ready so you have a great experience when we start!

Bikini BootyCamp is a great way to start or RESET your health and fitness journey. During our Challenge Group, you’ll get a taste of what it takes to achieve real results by working out daily, fueling your body with the right nutrition, drinking Sexy Momma Shakes, and holding each other accountable.

While this group is only 28 days, I promise you that as you realize how easy it is to make these healthy changes—and how good you feel—you won’t want to stop! I hope you’ll want to continue getting results—and keeping them—by adopting an ongoing healthy lifestyle, including healthy nutrition, fitness, and support.

And I , along with ALL OF OUR TEAM NOLA FIT COACHES, will be here to support you along the way.

I encourage you to make the most of this experience. Ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with other members. Be open and rely on the group. We’re in this together so we can help each other succeed. For extra support, I’ll add helpful nutrition and fitness tips, inspirational thoughts, tasty recipes, and motivational updates and some FAITH DRIVEN messages along the way.

So, let’s break the ice! Start by introducing yourself. Your JOURNEY STARTS HERE: All items must be completed in order to officially begin your journey.

ONCE YOU ARE IN THE PRIVATE BOARDING GROUP you will gain access to unlock your 32 page workbook and your 44 page PASSPORT! Be sure to print these out and use them every day for the next 28 days. They are VITAL TO YOUR SUCCESS. xoxo, Heather
Email *
Do you currently have FIT-FLIX (BOD)? *
Do you have 4 weeks supply of SEXY MOMMA SUPER FOODS SHAKES (shakeology)? *
Will you be drinking Energize (unicorn Juice- pre-workout) as part of your routine? *
Have you set your goals for the next 28 days? If you haven’t, today is the day! Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. EXAMPLES: Do you want to: Improve your nutrition? Start creating healthy habits? Feel confident about your health and fitness? LIST YOUR GOALS HERE: *
This might get uncomfortable but it's only to help you! Nobody will EVER SEE THIS besides me and you - I give you my word. How much do you currently weigh? *
How much do you hope to weigh at the end of these 4-weeks together? *
No, be honest here, let's pull out a tape measure- sure , it's not always fun but it's necessary in order to see where you are and where you will be at the end of this BOOTYCAMP! NOW, I need you to enter the following 9 body measurements: Ready??? Let's go: 1-Height 2-Age 3-Chest measurements 4-Waist measurement right at your belly button 5- Right and Left bicep (not flexed) measurements 6-Right and Left thigh measurements 7-Hip measurements (largest part of your booty) *
Now, here is another one that might push you out of your comfort zone but it's necessary to show that you are truly IN THIS COMMITMENT TO GET THE RESULTS you've been making excuses about. Take a photo of yourself full body selfie facing the front and one facing the side and email it to HEATHERNEWMANFITNESS@GMAIL.COM with YOUR NAME AND "BEFORE PHOTO" in the subject line (I promise this photo goes to your confidential coaching file and NOWHERE ELSE) -- You can do it. It's a push into a new place - you are going to be FINE! *
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are well on your way to a NEW HAPPY LIFESTYLE! I am so very proud of you! After you complete this form and all of the questions here - an alert will be sent to Heather. You will then be granted full access to the BIKINI BOOTYCAMP PRIVATE GROUP. It's going to be a lot of fun and we are getting serious - THIS IS NOT FOR EXCUSE MAKERS - NOPE NOT THIS TIME. YOU ARE COMMITTING FOR 4-WEEKS. That is not a long time and YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Let's do this. You will be getting an email with further instructions in a short while. Once you receive your PASSPORT TO BIKINI BOOTYCAMP - PLEASE PRINT THE ENTIRE WORKBOOK (some people even take it to office depot to get bound) so you have it with you ALL THE TIME! REMEMBER NO EXCUSES!
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