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Thank you for submitting your workshop proposal for the 2018 CIP Conference in Madrid.
Length of the workshop: 1 hour.

Since our formula of workshops was highly appreciated by the attendees of our past conferences, we are continuing on the same path. Our ambition this year is to provide even more participation during interactive workshops. This year, the conference will focus not only on a high level of interactivity, it is also our ambition to generate “workshop deliverables” to be co-created and shared with the members during the conference and afterwards. This can be anything from a member webinar, a small report or a short paper, to a blog post, a diagram, mind map, etc.

The input provided in this form will help us to inform participants clearly about your workshop and to assess its relatedness and value to the conference.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

The Conference Committee
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