Income Security For All: Amendment to F10
Please sign this form to support our amendment to the policy paper A Fairer Share for All.

This amendment upgrades our commitment to a minimum income system from merely suggesting a trial scheme should be established to an actual statement of intent to roll out a guaranteed minimum income element within the social security system, with pilots being used to improve the delivery and parameters.


The text of the amendment will be as follows:

Add to conference notes:
“VI: That instability of income is a particular problem for low-income households, one that can make it harder to make the best use of life opportunities and can be damaging to health and wellbeing.”

Replace conference calls for 1c:
“Abolish the benefit sanctions system entirely, roll out a guaranteed minimum income element within the benefits system, via pilots, that abolishes all conditions other than income level for accessing basic social security payments, and provide a new incentive scheme to help cover the additional costs of job-seeking.”
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