CP School Survey 2015-16

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your confidential responses will tell us how well we are serving our families and help us plan improvements.
    I feel welcome at my school.
    My school is a safe place for my student(s).
    My school has high standards for student behavior.
    My student(s) looks forward to going to school.
    My school is clean and inviting.
    The school keeps me informed about how well my child is learning.
    My school has high standards for student learning.
    My school meets my student's learning needs.
    My student(s) is recognized for good work and behavior at school.
    My school does a good job of communicating with me about school activities.
    My school provides opportunities for me to participate in my student's education.
    My comments and suggestions to school leaders and staff are welcomed and valued.
    The teachers help my student(s) learn.
    The principal helps if there is a problem.
    I would recommend my school to other families.
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