Colliers Wood Junction Survey
Transport for London have recently completed works to the Colliers Wood junction at the start of CS7. The changes include a new bypass lane for those cycling north into London and a revised layout for those cycling south. See location here:,-0.1794912,17.81z

If you cycle through this junction, the Merton Cycling Campaign (the local group of the LCC) is interested in your opinion of these changes. The results of our survey will be published later in the year, all data will be kept anonymous.

Cycling north through the junction from Merton High Street towards CS7, what do you think of the revised layout and bypass lane? *
Cycling south through the junction from CS7 towards Merton High Street, what do you think of the revised layout? *
When cycling south, which direction would you normally head? *
Cycling south, do you feel the revised layout offers you more or less protection? *
How often do you cycle through this junction? *
Do you have any comments you would like to make about the changes to this junction?
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