The Elisabeth Mann Borgese Bursary
Offered by the International Ocean Institute

Before completing the form, please carefully read through the application guidelines below:

1. Personal Details of Applicant
First Name *
Family Name: *
Date of Birth: *
Gender: *
Maltese ID Card/Passport Number: *
Contact Address: *
Telephone Number: *
2. Applicant’s Status with respect to the University of Malta
Student of the University of Malta: *
Scan of Acceptance Letter for Current Postgraduate Degree:
Staff at University of Malta: *
Supporting Document/s Attached:
3. Academic Qualifications
Applicant must be in possession of a first degree.
Academic Qualifications: *
Scan of Transcript from first/previous degree: *
4. Area of Research of Applicant relating to ocean/marine matters
Faculty, Institute or Centre at the University of Malta where applicant carries out postgraduate research in Ocean/Marine matters. *
Current Specialised Area of Research: *
4. Other Sources of Funding
Please indicate if applicant is currently the recipient of another bursary, scholarship, fellowship or other source of funding used to support research or study purposes. *
Supporting Documentation Attached:
5. Referral/Nomination Letter for the Applicant
Reference letter from Dean of Faculty, or Director of Institute or Centre at the University of Malta where applicant is registered. This letter should be in a sealed and signed envelope and delivered by hand to:

International Ocean Institute HQ, University of Malta Campus, Msida MSD 2080
Tel: 21346528

6. Brief Proposal of research to be carried out in connection with the EMB Bursary
Please provide a brief outline of your research as well as a brief work plan, ensuring that your work is compatible with the IOI mission and vision and the aims of this Bursary.

Further information in this respect is available from the IOI Website on and also through perusal of the bursary application guidelines, that also outline the terms and conditions of the Bursary:

Brief Proposal: *
7. How does the Applicant propose to use the EMB Bursary Funds to further her/his current research as described above in section 6.
Please provide an outline of the purposes for which the funds of the EMB Bursary are to be used in extending your current research in Ocean/Marine matters.

As a guideline, the funds may be used to add a new dimension to your research by purchasing specialised equipment, journals or books; financing research trips to centres outside Malta; attending specialised training; or implementing a research plan or field work. The funds shall not be used in the purchase of office equipment such as personal computers, desktop printers and similar items.

The EMB Bursary Selection Board will give due consideration and weight to proposals that clearly demonstrate how the EMB Bursary funds - if awarded - shall be utilised to add value to the research already proposed by the applicant and upon which the Bursary funded research would build.

Please be aware that the IOI shall require relevant receipts and/or invoices and that funding shall be made available in two payment tranches according to the individual case.

Use of EMB Bursary Funds *
Outline Budget of EMB Bursary funds use: *
8. Terms and Conditions
The applicant shall read carefully through the Bursary Application Guidelines and attach below a signed and dated scan of the following Application Form:

Signed Application Form: *
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