Wedding Questionnaire - Len Currie Photography
Please fill out this form to the best of your ability, there certainly may be questions to which you do not know, and also questions which do not apply - do not even worry about those for a second... but this will certainly help avoid any confusion, questions, and wasted time during your wedding day and ensure that the day is what it's supposed to be.. one of the best days of your life!!
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What is your wedding date? *
How would you like the bride and grooms names be displayed? *
On any printed material, slideshow, facebook, dvd, etc.
What are your cell phone numbers?
Mine is 9026265513 if you need it for anything
What are the first and last names of your bridesmaids?
And cell numbers of a few if possible just in case.
What are the first and last names of your groomsmen?
And cell numbers of some if possible.
Yes or No: You would like to have shots of the groom getting ready
Keep in mind it may be just myself photographing
Clear selection
Where will the groom be getting ready, and then where will the bride be getting ready (addresses please)?
Do you plan on seeing each other before the Ceremony?
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Where is your Wedding Ceremony taking place? (Venue name & address, contact name & email).
Approx how long is the drive from the Getting Ready location to the Ceremony location (if different)?
Where will your Reception take place? (name & address, contact name & email)
Approx how long is the drive from the Ceremony location to the Reception location?
Pre-ceremony - do you have a preference if the guys get their photos taken before the gals or vice versa?
Is there a time set for the Ceremony yet? If so, list the time below.
Approximately how long will the Ceremony?
Is there a set time at this point when you need/want to be at the Reception?
When would you like family photos be taken?
Clear selection
Are there any specific locations that you would like your Family, Wedding Party and/or Bride and Groom photos taken at?
Which family group photos would you like taken?
(More selections can be chosen in next section)
If there are additional family group photos that you would like, please list them here with corresponding name(s) (e.g. Bride and groom with sister, B/G with grandparents, etc.)
Are there any special family situations (divorces, deaths, etc.), that we should know about that we need to be sensitive to? (for example if parents are divorced and don't want photos together, etc.)
Names and Relationships of Bride's immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents):
Names and Relationships of Groom's immediate family (parents, siblings, grandparents):
Are there any special traditions or special things that we should know about which will be happening on your wedding day?
Do you know your first dance song? If so, what is it?
Are you having the bouquet toss? Garter toss? Are the catchers of these going to be doing the traditional ceremony as well?
What time does the reception end?
What is the last part of the day which you'd like photographed?
I stay right into the dance, however most of the time it's the bridal party dance or perhaps the garder toss, etc)
Approiximately how many wedding guests are you expecting?
Who is your Wedding Coordinator? (Contact name, email & website)
Do you have a videographer? If so, who?
Please list out the names of your other vendors:
Florist, Cake Artist, Band/DJ, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Wedding Dress, Tuxes, etc.
Will you have any Flowergirls or Ringbearers? If so, please list their names.
If you know at this point, what will your married address be?
Is there anything else you would like to communicate with us? :)
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