District Hall Café Nights Program RFP
At District Hall and the Venture Café Foundation, we believe that the innovation community includes anyone and everyone with an idea. Our mission is to help those people succeed by fostering spaces, connections, and conversations that enable them to bring their ideas to life.

Café Nights are an opportunity for people to exchange knowledge, connect, explore new ideas, and build a broader, stronger, and more connected innovation community in Boston. Every Café Night includes a variety of programming: we mainly host panels, workshops, demos, interactive exhibits, and conversations -- but we're open to any and all ideas!

If you are interested in hosting a program at our next Café Night on Wednesday, June 7th, please submit this form.

Café Nights programming is:
- always free and open to the public
- focused broadly on innovation and entrepreneurship
- an opportunity for people to learn new skills and ideas, build connections, and solve problems
- inclusive to all people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, education, or any other factor
- represents a diverse array of industries in Boston, including, but not limited to: tech, finance, the creative economy, robotics, civic engagement, social entrepreneurship, design, and education. We particularly love programming that works at the intersection of multiple industries.

1. Café Nights are NOT typical networking events nor "Happy Hours." This is a place where people feel safe to come and connect with others without the pressure of a sale (or getting asked out). Our Golden Rules: Don't sell too much, Don't drink too much.

2. The sessions are about learning and expanding our ideas, not a chance to sell a service. Guests should be able to leave with knowledge they didn’t previously have, or an idea that sparks action or a new way of thinking. They should foster discussions & get people thinking. This is a test kitchen, a place to try new ways of enlightening people.

3. We do not share our lists with any group. If you would like to connect with participants in your session, you will be responsible for collecting names & emails.

4. Be professional & friendly. Sessions are not about attacking or criticizing each other, it should be a safe space to discuss ideas. We encourage helpful and constructive feedback, but if guests are being rude or pulling conversation too far off course, please remind guests that this is not the place to air personal grievances.

I have read the programming criteria in full and confirm that my program fits Café Nights requirements. District Hall reserves the right to make case-by-case decisions regarding Café Nights programming. *
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