6 Foot Standing Buck and Doe order form.
What you see below is the original 6' (182cm) prototype doe. You may order this deer as a buck or a doe. The buck is identical to the doe except of course he will be sporting those cute little stub horns. Standing at 6 feet tall, your new doe or buck boasts 0.4mm super soft base color vinyl with the same strengthened seams as our famous 7' deer. These deer have the traditional rump valve placement that provides easy access for deflation. This design has proven to be very durable in all weather conditions. The 6 foot size makes the deer more maneuverable and flexible, allowing for more poses and positions for photographs and gaming If you are interested in the softest, strongest deer in existence, please fill out the order form below.
To horn? Or not, to horn that is the question
All the boring stuff...
Does (with out horns) No Longer Available
Bucks (with horns) $411 each.

Deer can be shipped any where world wide.

PayPal, Check, Postal money order, and all credit cards accepted.

You can track the progress of our projects on:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PhenodToy
FurAffinity --http://www.furaffinity.net/journals/phenod/
Our Web Site - http://Phenodtoy.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to email PhenodToy@gmail.com
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Buy 1 of each, you could start your own herd! ;)
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