MAD Play-Reading Group Audition Form: Pygmalion
Note: auditions are now closed except for the part of Freddy Eynsford-Hill.
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Note: auditions are now closed except for the part of Freddy Eynsford-Hill. The next play we will read is “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw. “Pygmalion” is the Play that the musical “My Fair Lady” was based on. Please select the role(s) you would particularly Like to play.
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If there is a role or roles you would not accept, please list them here and say why.
If you would like to help in an off-stage capacity, please describe it here. We may need people to help with "Zoom management", publicity, programs, and possibly other roles. While recognizing that there is very little time or budget, it might also be possible to do some props or costumes. There also may be an opportunity to direct future play-reading productions.
Do you have a non-NASA laptop, computer or other device on which you can install the Zoom app? Please describe your system here. Note that NASA does not allow installation of the Zoom app on NASA-owned devices, and accessing Zoom using a browser will not work for the performance.
Do you have a separate device or monitor on which you can follow the script?The script will be available over Amazon Kindle for the price of $1.99 (Complete Works of George Bernard Shaw "Irish Playwright, Critic, Polemicist and Nobel Prize Winner in Literature"! 41 Complete Works…) and various other Kindle editions for $2-3. Please describe your system here and state that you agree to pay $1.99 to obtain the script.
Please describe your Internet connection and typical Internet speed. (Please connect to and report your measured Internet speed.)
List all of your theatrical, acting and/or performing experience here. Alternatively, email your theatrical resume to You may also email a headshot if you wish.
Is there anything else you want us to know about you? Please include any experience, talent or enthusiasm that is not listed elsewhere on this form. If you have any restrictions on participation you may also indicate them here.
The performance will be Saturday, July 31 at 8pm. There will be about two to three rehearsals per week in the weeks leading up to the performance, starting July 6. Please indicate your conflicts here.
Please type your name here to accept the following statements: I consent to the use of my name and image for publicity and/or other club purposes. I agree that the video produced by this play will belong to MAD and can be made available by MAD over the web to the public. I agree to abide by the MAD bylaws and other NASA rules, including NASA's physical security rules, NASA's IT security rules and NASA's anti-harassment policies. *
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