The Wild Card Book Study
Please note that you will be in charge of ordering your own book this year. If you sign up for the book study, your membership for the year will be free. Amazon offers the kindle version for $9.95 which saves quite a bit of money. The soft cover version is $24.26 through amazon as well. You do not need a kindle to have the kindle version. The app can be downloaded on all smart phones and tablets.

SCECH's will be available for this book study.

MARC is happy to announce that The Wild Card by Hope & Wade King will be our fall book study this year! Have you ever wished you were more creative... or that your students were more engaged in your lessons? The Wild Card is your step-by-step guide to experiencing a creative breakthrough in your classroom with your students. Even if you've never painted a portrait or written a poem, you can create unforgettable lessons that help your learners retain content.

In this book, Wade and Hope King show you how to draw on your authentic self--your past experiences, personality quirks, interests, hobbies, and strengths--to deliver your content creatively. The seven steps in The Wild Card will give you the knowledge and the confidence to bring creative teaching strategies into your classroom. You'll learn...

Why the deck is not stacked against you, no matter what kind of hand you've been dealt

Why you should never listen to the Joker

How to identify the "Ace up your sleeve" and use it to create classroom magic

How to apply the "Rules of Rigor" in order to fuse creativity with learning

How to become the Wild Card that changes the game for your students

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