Hunger Strike Sign-up
Sign up to join the hunger strike solidarity on Saturday 23rd at 12pm on Parliament Square or wherever you are! Either by joining in person or from home, your solidarity will boost the campaign. Everyone is welcome to join at any point in the strike so just come along!

The Tory party have imposed a three-line whip to support the expansion while Labour, despite the third runway failing all of their impact tests, have left it to a free vote. Join us at our rally to pressure MPs to #VoteNoHeathrow!

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Will you join the strike outside on Parliament Square or in your area?
If on the hunger strike, then some useful general tips are to scale back on any smoking or drinking and don’t over eat beforehand. When coming off the fast only have liquids for a day or two before moving onto solids.

There is a location in north London where people can stay for free, if you are from outside London please bring sleeping bags, pillows and roll mats. Please contact the Facebook page if you would like to stay.

We recommend that you also assign a close friend or partner to “ buddy support” status. Brief them on what you have planned and try to make private arrangements with them for support over the coming weeks, maybe dedicate
some time to a call/meet up before and after and let them know. Also connect your buddies so people who are not doing the actions can keep in touch about your location and wellbeing.

There will be space for you to talk about and reflect upon each experience.This means you can attend a debriefing/feedback session on 4th of July. We will give out anonymous feedback forms. This will be facilitated by someone who has not taken part on the actions.

Disclaimer: the campaign cannot take responsibility for the health of anyone engaging in the fast and participants are responsible for their own decision to participate.
Like @VoteNoHeathro on Facebook and follow @VoteNoHeathrow on Twitter for updates.
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