How to write Scholarship & Grant Applications
On Thursday, February 13, at 6 PM, the American Corner Novi Sad will organize a class titled "How to write Scholarship & Grant Applications", where all the attendees will have an opportunity to learn how to use their time, ideas and energy effectively by writing complete, accurate and well founded scholarship and grant / funding applications.

This session will cover topics such as; how to ensure you have found the correct fund, what to be sure of in advance of writing anything, understanding and meeting the criteria, presenting you and your ideas effectively, governance and finance criteria, longevity of outcomes, partnering, supporting documentation and reporting. Learn what common mistakes to avoid, while at the same time gain valuable insights into what funding providers are actually looking for.

Australian presenter, Adam Pickvance is the teacher of this course. He has many years or practical knowledge in this area, having previously run organisations that provide scholarships and grants.

The course is in English.
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