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How many times have you written a review or asked to write a review but get nothing for it? We changed that at Gym Star and you get paid to rate your gear - YOU Gym Stars are the experts.

Brag about your favourite brands and get 30 (thirty) Gym Star Points to add to your account which are added on top of your points from your purchases. The points save you off your next order. Many are doing it already. Only takes a moment, so to get started …

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Details: All reviews are verified buyers. Gym Star Points for reviews are awarded on regular-priced, current apparel items and do not include the “Final Sale” items as they are usually a discontinued style and will be gone soon. We love that you think we have the FASTEST shipping around and have since day 1, so no need to tell us about that or our ROCKSTAR customer service [but hey tell your friends this as we all love quick shipping + genuine customer care] so just write what you loved about your GASP or Better Bodies.
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