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We are collecting a "Bank of healers" in preparation for a potential rise in healing cases in Finland and Sweden due to the corona virus situation.

You can sign up if you have done at least Pranic Healing Level 2 (Advanced Pranic Healing). If you have done only level 1 but still want to help, you can still sign up, we will pair you with an advanced healer to work in pairs.

We will collect the contact details for everyone who signs up and post them to those who might need help. Those who need help can then contact healers on the list and arrange the healing sessions. Note that all healing is done distantly.

If we are able to generate enough healing energies through meditation and blessing, we may not need this bank at all, but we would rather be prepared than not 😀

Thank you SO MUCH for offering to help, we are infinitely grateful to each person 🙏🏼

"As you do service and as you help, you are entitled to receive help."
- MCKS, Creative Transformation (Golden Lotus Sutras)
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